At Ranch Right LLC we help ranchers and farmers build profitable businesses and generational wealth with timely access to financial metrics.


Twenty years ago I went to work for a profitable ranch. At the time, I had never seen such a thing. That experience changed my life. 


Since then, I have worked for other profitable ranches, started profitable ranch businesses from scratch, turned around failing ones, and shared the recipe with others through consulting services.


Ranching is hard work, but it's a lot more rewarding when you are winning. While many ranches struggle, the great ranches build wealth, improve the land, raise self-reliant children, empower employees, and strengthen communities. The difference is that great ranches focus on the business and leverage its power to produce desired outcomes.


As you do the hard work of ranching, we help you know that you are doing the work that will make your ranch great.  Our team believes you don't just work for the ranch, but that the ranch should work for you.

-John Haskell
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Staff Accountant

Mimi Argyle grew up in Idaho immersed in agriculture, specifically cow/calf enterprises.  Mimi and her husband Tyson run a cow/calf operation in Wyoming and are partners in Mimi’s family’s operation in Idaho. This gives her a diverse understanding of ranching.

Mimi graduated college with a Master’s in Education from Montana State University and continues to use her gift by teaching High School Science and Ag Business management in Idaho. She has a knack for numbers and is a lifelong learner always trying to improve management practices through facts not feelings.  

In her spare time, Mimi enjoys spending time with Tyson and their 2 daughters, Macki and Ruby, and training barrel horses.  

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Junior Staff Accountant

Hey! My name is Josie Hammond, and I am the 5th generation to grow up on and help operate a cow/calf ranch near Hardin, MT.


I recently graduated from Montana State University in May of 2022 with a degree in Agricultural Business and a Minor in Accounting.


Along with bookkeeping, I am also helping on the ranch with my Dad, Mom, Brother, and Grandpa. When I am not doing either of these two things, I am either baking, quilting, playing with my nephews (they think they run my life), or hanging out with my spoiled dog, Paisley.

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Senior Staff Accountant

Daniel was born and raised in Mitchell, a town in southeast South Dakota.  Growing up, he always wished he had been on a farm.  Unfortunately, his grandparents had to sell the family farm during the farm crisis in the early 1980s.  His favorite TV show as a kid was Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. He still enjoys animal documentaries and documentaries in general but rarely can sit through a full movie.

After high school, Daniel got a degree in economics from the University of South Dakota and went on to get a Master’s Degree in Accounting.  Before joining Ranch Right, he worked at a rural CPA firm where he dealt heavily with local farmers and ranchers and became a CPA in the State of South Dakota.

Daniel traveled and lived abroad as an English teacher after college. Spending time outside the US brought about a deep appreciation for our form of government and our rule of law.

Daniel likes thinking outside the box and is a fan of Ranch Right’s approach to bookkeeping. Coming from a CPA firm background where there was little-to-no useful info provided, he enjoys being able to work with clients and provide useful and timely info.

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Staff Accountant

Jordan Steele grew up on a cow-calf operation near Aladdin, WY before completing his Master’s Degree in Agricultural Economics at the University of Wyoming.  After college, Jordan worked for the Kansas Farm Management Association through Kansas State University for 7 ½ years where he specialized in agricultural business recordkeeping, financial analysis and interpretation, and income tax preparation for farmers and ranchers in 17 counties of NW Kansas. Jordan is now working for RMC based in Wheatland, WY teaching Ranching for Profit Schools and facilitating the Executive Link program.

Jordan and his wife Jori welcomed their first child in August 2022 and are excited to be back in the Cowboy State of Wyoming.  Both have a heart for lifelong learning and continue to improve on their own ranch management skills.  In their free time, Jordan and Jori enjoy team roping, hunting, and anything else horseback.